Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Report: May 28 school board meeting

Public comment
Thank you to the parents who attended tonight's board meeting, and a special thank-you to the parents--Ryan Zollner and Stacey Luther from Donlon and Sharolyn Borris, Julie Frey, and Leena Joshi from Walnut Grove--who shared their CSR stories during the public comment period.

As I promised, I presented our pledge campaign results to the school board and asked them to add a future agenda item to the June 4 meeting to discuss options regarding the restoration of elementary CSR beyond 1st grade. The full text of my public comment is available on this blog.

Budget report
Most of the parents left after the public comment period, but a few of us stayed until the end. I was curious to hear the budget report from Deputy Superintendent Luz Cázares and wondered if she would mention funds for CSR or if any of the board members would ask about possible funds for CSR. They didn't mention anything about CSR.

Future agenda item?
I then wondered if any of the board members would honor my request for a future agenda item regarding CSR at agenda item 15.1 "Board Reports and Requests for Future Agenda Items." Again, none of the school board members mentioned CSR.

So...I'm guessing that elementary CSR will not be an agenda item at the June 4 school board meeting. We will know for certain on Thursday evening when the June 4 agenda is published online.

What now?
If you would still like to ask the school board to explore the possibility of restoring elementary CSR beyond 1st grade this fall, please email the school board and let them know. Ask them to put elementary CSR on the agenda for the June 4 meeting.

Here are their email addresses:
Jeff Bowser: jeff.pusd@gmail.com
Valerie Arkin: valerie@arkinhome.com
Chris Grant: chrismgrant@gmail.com
Jamie Hintzke: hintzke@gmail.com
Joan Laursen: jlaursen@pleasantonusd.net

I think that's about all we can do for now. Maybe in the fall, we can try again.

Thank you for your support for CSR.

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