Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FAQ #2: What about 3rd grade and kindergarten CSR?

As I mentioned in FAQ #1, according to the CA Education Code, 1st grade and 2nd grade classes must first be reduced to 25:1 before the state will allot funds for 3rd grade or K CSR. However, I would be happy to compile a list of names, schools, and pledges for 3rd grade and kindergarten CSR as well. Just visit the online pledge form and let me know which grade you are willing to pledge for in the event that 2nd grade CSR is achieved.

I would love to report at the 5/28 school board meeting that we have $X in pledges for 2nd grade CSR, $Y in pledges for 3rd grade CSR, and $Z in pledges for K CSR. This would strengthen our message to the school board regarding the broad support and desire for elementary CSR in Pleasanton. Perhaps then the school board would be willing to dip into the reserves ($4.9M--I was corrected by a parent--thank you!) or into the $2.5M windfall in one-time funds from the state, as reported by Asst. Superintendent Luz Cazares at the very end of the 5/14 board meeting.

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