Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FAQ #9: How soon do I have to submit my online pledge amount?

The sooner the better. I would love to have some hard numbers to present at the May 28 school board meeting--less than one short week away. It would be even more impressive if I can say that $X was donated by Y parents/community members in a week's time. Again, the total amount pledged, the number of participants, and the short timeframe will all hammer in our message that elementary CSR is a priority for our community and should be a priority for our school board.

If I don't receive very many pledges in the next week, I will probably shut this down and will not say anything at all to the board about this ill-fated campaign since it would be a little depressing and not-at-all helpful to our cause to report receiving a tiny amount in pledges when we have told the board repeatedly that CSR is important to our community.

So if you are a parent who is interested in 2nd grade CSR (or 3rd grade or K CSR), please, please, please submit your pledges ASAP using the online pledge form, and spread the news to others so that we can get some CSR pledge momentum going!

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