Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FAQ #8: Where will this money go? Is it truly just a pledge?

If we are able to build momentum with this grassroots campaign, I will talk to PPIE representatives (please note: I am not officially affiliated with PPIE; I am acting on my own initiative, and PPIE cannot be held responsible or blamed for my long emails) and the school district to figure out the best way to collect the funds.

Perhaps PPIE would be willing to create a special account to hold our CSR funds. For now, I am just asking for pledges, but if the school district is willing to restore 2nd grade CSR (and maybe even 3rd grade or K CSR), all who pledged money will need to make good on their pledges, probably before the end of the school year--a mere four weeks away!

For corporate matching purposes, if the school board accepts our pledge funds, we will do our best to ensure that your donations are directed to the appropriate educational nonprofit (whether PPIE, a school site, or a school district) so that the school district can receive your company's matching funds.

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