Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 21 pledge update

As of Tuesday, May 21, we have received the following pledges:
2nd grade CSR

$11,300 from 18 individuals & families
  • 3 Donlon families
  • 1 Mohr family
  • 1 Valley View family
  • 1 Walnut Grove teacher
  • 12 Walnut Grove families

We have also received $1550 in pledges for K CSR from 4 families (1 Valley View, 3 Walnut Grove) and $700 in pledges for 3rd grade CSR (2 Walnut Grove families).

Please help spread the word about this pledge campaign to your family and friends. I would love to be able to show the school board that we have strong support for CSR at all 9 elementary school sites. Even if we are unable to reach our pledge goal of $325,000 for 2nd grade CSR, the more broad support that we can show for elementary CSR, the more compelling to the school board. Perhaps they will vote to fund the gap for 2nd grade CSR as well.

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