Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22 pledge update

As of Wednesday, May 22, we have received the following pledges:

2nd grade CSR
$22,200 from 43 individuals & families

  • 1 Alisal family
  • 5 Donlon families
  • 6 Hearst families
  • 3 Mohr families
  • 3 Valley View families
  • 3 Vintage Hills families
  • 21 Walnut Grove teachers/families
  • 1 community member not affiliated with a school site

We have also received $3,850 in pledges for K CSR (1 Hearst, 1 Lydiksen, 2 Valley View, 7 Walnut Grove) and $2,875 in pledges for 3rd grade CSR (1 Alisal, 1 Donlon, 1 Hearst, 1 Valley View, 6 Walnut Grove).

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and to everyone who has been spreading the word about this CSR pledge campaign to family and friends.

Please continue to help spread the word about this pledge campaign to your family and friends, and please urge everyone to make their pledges ASAP. We are still hoping to have supporters from each of the 9 elementary school sites in Pleasanton.

Even if we are unable to reach our pledge goal of $325,000 for 2nd grade CSR, the more broad support that we can show for elementary CSR, the more compelling of a case that we can present to the school board. Please help us show the school board that CSR is a priority for our community and should be a priority for them as well.

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