School site contacts

The following CSR supporters are willing to serve as contacts for their school sites if you have any questions about this CSR pledge campaign:

Alisal Elementary
Ali Krebs

Donlon Elementary
Stacey Luther

Fairlands Elementary
Contact role available

Hearst Elementary
Doree Burstein
Julie Grijalva
Christina Hicks

Lydiksen Elementary
Jennifer Byrne
Susan Case
Jill Dowling
Rachna Shah
Jeannette Woo

Mohr Elementary
Contact role available

Valley View Elementary
Dawn Chatham
Kimberly Croddy
Susie Montoya
Diana Robinson

Vintage Hills Elementary
Sanyukta Bhide
Renee Notari
Elaine Trueblood

Walnut Grove Elementary
Briana Baxter
Summer Bowers
Betsy Cummings
Nikhil Deshpande
Julie Frey
Lark Haan
Carina Harold
Betsy McClellan
Eunhee Park

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