PUSD trustees & CSR

Contact information for Pleasanton school board trustees
Board President Jeff Bowser
Email: jeff.pusd@gmail.com
Cell: 925-858-0480

Board Vice-President Valerie Arkin
Email: valerie@arkinhome.com
Home: 925-417-1969

Chris Grant
Email: chrismgrant@gmail.com
Cell: 510-701-1000

Jamie Hintzke
Email: hintzke@gmail.com
Home: 925-846-0185
Fax: 925-600-8656

Joan Laursen
Email: jlaursen@pleasantonusd.net
Cell: 925-399-1763

Excerpts from the websites and campaign promises of the PUSD school board trustees
Board President Jeff Bowser
Jeff's priorities:
  • Maintain a balanced budget - cut far from the classroom
  • Reduce class-size in K-3 and 9th grades
  • Open communication with the community

Board Vice-President Valerie Arkin
  • Maintain education programs and staff during budget crisis
  • Continue our commitment to high student achievement
  • Encourage community input

Chris Grant
Over the past two years, together we:
  • Ensured Class Size Reduction: Maintained class size reduction in all K-3 grades as well as middle and high school English and math and academic intervention programs.

My top priorities for the future include:
  • Continued Student Achievement Improvement: Maintain and advance class size reduction in K-3 grades and middle and high school math, English and ESL classes.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure community involvement in priority setting and budget planning.

Jamie Hintzke
While difficult decisions are being made to have a balanced budget, I have worked hard to ensure that we have an improved process for greater public involvement in district decisions, greater district transparency, and tight financial control and accountability. I have also advocated for reading intervention programs and improved methods to better serve the needs of all students.

I will work to:
  • Ensure students reach their full potential
  • Strengthen communication - school / parent partnerships
  • Continue to ASK the hard questions about fiscal accountability and push for answers and transparency
  • Ensure PUSD employees have a supportive and collaborative work environment

Joan Laursen
Top priorities if elected:
  • Broad community involvement in planning process
  • Advocate for smaller class sizes

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