Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29 pledge update

After last night's school board meeting, I thought that maybe I should shut down the online pledge form.

I am glad I didn't. Thank you so much to the families who have continued to pledge, especially the Lydiksen families--9 new pledges from Lydiksen since last night's school board meeting! Great job in spreading the word at Lydiksen! :)

We have now surpassed $40,000 in pledges from more than 100 individuals and families for 2nd grade CSR!

If this trend continues, it looks like I will need to go back to the school board on June 4 to provide an update about our pledges and community support for CSR!

If you would like to show your support for CSR, please email the board members, and please continue to spread the word about the CSR pledge campaign! Remember, we are not collecting any money, just pledges.

Here is the pledge update as of Wednesday, May 29:

2nd grade CSR
$40,295 from 104 individuals & families

  • 2 Alisal families
  • 13 Donlon families
  • 2 Fairlands families
  • 20 Hearst families
  • 11 Lydiksen families
  • 5 Mohr families
  • 8 Valley View families
  • 12 Vintage Hills families
  • 30 Walnut Grove teachers/families
  • 1 community member not affiliated with a school site

We have also received $6,845 in pledges for K CSR (1 Alisal, 1 Donlon, 5 Hearst, 4 Lydiksen, 2 Valley View, 1 Vintage Hills, 10 Walnut Grove, and 2 community members) and $4,645 in pledges for 3rd grade CSR (1 Alisal, 3 Donlon, 2 Hearst, 2 Lydiksen, 2 Valley View, 9 Walnut Grove).

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