Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FAQ #1: Why 2nd grade CSR? And why now?

According to the CA Education Code, school districts must first reduce class sizes in 1st grade (then 2nd grade and then 3rd grade or K) to receive CSR funds from the state.

The following text is from the CA Dept of Education's website: "Education Code Section 52124(b) establishes the order in which the grade levels at a school site must be reduced when implementing the CSR program. If only one grade level is being reduced at a school site, it must be first grade. If only two grade levels are being reduced, they must be first and second grades. The 'first priority" grades are first and second grades, while the 'second priority' grades are third and kindergarten."

Now that the school board has agreed to reduce 1st grade class size ratios to 25:1, we can start working on 2nd grade CSR. If we wait until next year, we will have to start all over again with trying to raise funds for 1st grade CSR before 2nd grade CSR.

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